Office Massage Service

Do you need to pamper your office or do you have some deserving employee’s of the month?

Give us a call and we can come to you! A 2-week notice is appreciated and a deposit must be paid to reserve your specific time and day. Home service: call for pricing, requires 2 week notice as well.


Swedish Massage Service

Our most popular massage, Swedish Massage therapy uses light to moderate pressure for a very relaxing and invigorating experience.  The benefits to Swedish Massage may include: increased blood flow, rehabilitation for sore muscles, increased flexibility, and reduced stress.  

Swedish Massage
- 30 minutes $45.00
- 60 minutes $65.00
- 90 minutes $100.00
- 120 minutes $150.00

Deep Tissue Massage Service

Deep Tissue Massage therapy focuses on reaching deeper layers of tissue; not necessarily applying more pressure.  Ideal for focusing on specific problem areas of pain from overworked or workout related issues.  The benefits to Deep Tissue Massage may include: reduction in stress, anxiety, and muscle tension, alleviation of arthritis symptoms, relief from scar tissue (adhesion) pain, and the treatment of chronic pain.

Deep tissue massage
- 30 minutes $45.00
- 60 minutes $75.00
- 90 minutes $100.00
- 120 minutes $150.00

Hot Stone Massage

If you have trouble relaxing, Hot Stone Massage may help with that.  Flat, smooth, volcanic rock is heated to a therapeutic temperature and strategically placed. There will always be a barrier between the stones & your skin. The benefits of using Hot Stones may include:  decreased stress, anxiety, help with insomnia, fibromyalgia relief, and a decrease in muscle tension and pain. Overall, this is a very soothing experience.



Hot stone massage:
- 60 minutes $75.00
- 90 minutes $100.00
- Oils included in all theraputic sessions

Foot Soak Services

A relaxing, warm-water foot soak is used in conjunction with Swedish Massage therapy to help alleviate daily pain in your feet.  This soothing and therapeutic experience may help with sore and achy feet, associated with chronic foot pain. If you are looking to get into massage therapy but don’t know where to start, why not start with your foundation–your feet!

Relaxing foot soak massage:
- Includes foot soak with massage 30 minutes $40.00
- Includes foot soak with massage, Aromatherapy $40.00

Therapeutic Massage Services

Therapeutic massage therapy is a combination of moderate or deep tissue massage, sports massage, and stretching.  Beneficial results may include: reduction in muscle tension, pain, joint soreness, increased flexibility, faster recovery time for overworked muscles & workout related issues.

Therapeutic massage:
- Includes stretching with massage 60 minutes $75.00
- Includes stretching with massage 90 minutes 90 minutes $100.00
120 minutes $150.00

“Working Man’s” Feet, Shoulders & Neck

Therapeutic Massage therapy on your feet, shoulders and neck.  Ideal for those curious about the relaxing benefits of massage.  If you’ve had a rough week, give this therapy a shot and see if you don’t feel more relaxed and refreshed.

30 mins at $45.00


Salt Glows

Made with your choice of a pure essential oil (lemon, lavender, peppermint, citrus...). The salt glows are all natural with homemade ingredients including oil, sea salt, and warm massage oil.  Benefits of Salt Glows may be therapeutic, energizing and may help circulation, and detoxification for sore, aching muscles and joints while leaving your skin glowing and radiant.

Salt Glows
- Full body(Except the face)! 60 minutes $45.00
- Full body(Except the face)! 90 minutes $60.00
As an Add-on
Back Scrub or Polish $10
Hands and Feet Scrub or Polish $10
Included in all theraputic sessions

TMJ Massage Therapy

TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) pain can be debilitating! Sometimes just doing natural things can be uncomfortable. Oftentimes, TMJ Massage can be effective in TMJ pain management. If you grind your teeth, clench your jaw, hear clicking or popping, have had a jaw injury or surgery, headaches, or just carry your stress in this area—no matter what is causing your TMJ, massage therapy may be able to help you! You do not have to have a diagnosis of TMJ to receive a TMJ massage.

30 minutes for $45.00


Paraffin and other Add ons to massage therapy treatments or foot soaks

Soft paraffin wax is used in this treatment– it is heated to a point where it will NOT burn the skin.  It’s then applied to hands & feet. Benefits may include: increased circulation and blood flow, relaxed muscles, relief of stiff aching joints, and increased range of motion.

Add ons
- *Paraffin hands: $10.00
- *Paraffin feet: $10.00
- *Paraffin hands and feet: $20.00
- *Aromatherapy $5.00
Included in all theraputic Sessions on request